21 August 2011

Minneapolis Skyline

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Yesterday was a gorgeous summer day and I decided that I wanted to get out and shoot some photos. Since I have been on a night photography kick, I ended up shooting the Minneapolis skyline at dusk. After a little research, I discovered that there is a pedestrian bridge over I-35W that has great views of downtown and that's where I headed. Only after arriving at my destination did I start to get a little worried about the location . . . I decided to press on however when I noticed that there were other photographers up on the bridge. Despite the fact that I had to shoot through a chain link fence (that had some conveniently placed holes for setting up a camera) I ended up getting some pretty decent shots.

By the time it was dark I was ready to leave, I realized that I was the only person still up there and that there was a large group of young men sitting at the bottom of the stairs I needed to go down to get back to my car. This made me a little nervous since I was carrying expensive camera equipment, but I didn't really have a choice, so I started heading down. At that exact moment, the doors to the building directly across the street opened up and dozens of people started streaming out (apparently it was a theater and the play had just ended). I'm sure I was just being a nervous nellie, but it definitely made me feel better to have a lot of other people around as I headed back to my car. Next time, I will try the other side of the bridge since that is where all of the other photographers came from.

What do you think of the photos? I thought it was pretty fun to be able to get the streaking headlights and tail lights from the cars on I-35W.