30 October 2008

Sure Sign of a Crappy Week

You know it's been a crappy week when . . . you walk up to the pharmacy counter at a Super Target (after waiting in line for 10 minutes) and the cashier says: "Oh, you're back again. It's Crain, right?"

Yep. Crappiest week ever.

Here's hoping that the newest prescription kicks in quickly.

27 October 2008

Photo Tag

I decided to shock everyone and actually respond to Lara's "tag" to post the sixth photo from the sixth folder in my photos. And here it is . . .

View across False Bay from Boulders Beach in South Africa

Since the picture isn't very exciting, I decided to post a few other pictures from the same folder.

Jackass penguin at Boulders Beach.

Nate and me at the Cape of Good Hope.

Wild ostrich in Cape Peninsula National Park.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back to Africa. Anyone want to join me?!