27 October 2008

Photo Tag

I decided to shock everyone and actually respond to Lara's "tag" to post the sixth photo from the sixth folder in my photos. And here it is . . .

View across False Bay from Boulders Beach in South Africa

Since the picture isn't very exciting, I decided to post a few other pictures from the same folder.

Jackass penguin at Boulders Beach.

Nate and me at the Cape of Good Hope.

Wild ostrich in Cape Peninsula National Park.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back to Africa. Anyone want to join me?!


Matthew K said...

Wow, everyone in the family who has a blog responded to that tag. By the way, I would love to go to South Africa.

Matthew K said...

And what did that penguin do to you to deserve that name? ;)

Steve-Rosanna said...

Great pix Aitch! Your pictures from Africa are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Matt, hard to believe that you have never been to Africa or South America. $10 says that I get to Africa before you do!

Love, Dad and Mom

K said...

Hooray for a new post by Aitch! I love the pictures, especially the one of the jackass! HAHA! (o:

I'll go with you to Africa if I can convince someone to watch my kiddos for me.

Lara said...

I just knew your photos would be way more interesting/unique than the rest of ours! Thanks for playing along!

annalisa said...

yeah! i also like the pictures! i'll go to africa with you:) just tell me when. and dad i beat you to africa, just so you know:)

Steve said...

OK K, get packed! Mom has agreed to watch the kiddos while H, you, and I head off to Africa.

Got to be beat Matt there and someone needs to tell AL and Tim that Egypt does not really count as Africa!


annalisa said...

whatever egypt is so part of africa! you're just jealous that you haven't been there:) and i want to go with you all on your trip.