13 December 2008

Why I Have Insurance

As most of you know, I have the happy luck of being prone to weird medical problems. Luckily I have good medical insurance so I don't get stuck paying the full amount of bills like this:

and this:

when I end up in the hospital for six days with viral meningitis.

Since I started law school I have also had dental insurance, which is definitely a blessing when I have to have procedures like this done:

Ever since I started working at Dorsey I have also elected to buy vision insurance. There is no good financial reason for this since the only thing it covers is one eye exam a year and a deep discount on glasses (and my health insurance already covers eye exams). But, I still choose every year to have vision insurance because if I have it, I feel obligated to get a new pair of glasses like these in order to make it worth it:

And who doesn't like a good excuse to buy a new pair of glasses every year?!

30 October 2008

Sure Sign of a Crappy Week

You know it's been a crappy week when . . . you walk up to the pharmacy counter at a Super Target (after waiting in line for 10 minutes) and the cashier says: "Oh, you're back again. It's Crain, right?"

Yep. Crappiest week ever.

Here's hoping that the newest prescription kicks in quickly.

27 October 2008

Photo Tag

I decided to shock everyone and actually respond to Lara's "tag" to post the sixth photo from the sixth folder in my photos. And here it is . . .

View across False Bay from Boulders Beach in South Africa

Since the picture isn't very exciting, I decided to post a few other pictures from the same folder.

Jackass penguin at Boulders Beach.

Nate and me at the Cape of Good Hope.

Wild ostrich in Cape Peninsula National Park.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back to Africa. Anyone want to join me?!

24 August 2008

Remember when...

* Pete had a mullet?
* Tim was shorter than the rest of us?
* Big, round glasses were in style?
* All the girls had bangs?
* Chewing gum was considered major rebellion?

Do you have anything else to add to the list?

22 August 2008

I love RED! (Can you tell?)

After much nagging from AnnaLisa, I finally decided to quit procrastinating and to update my blog. Below are pictures of my lovely new living room furniture.



Close up of throw pillow

Notice the lovely ceiling fan Dad installed.

06 March 2008

Which Sounds Like More Fun?

What I did today . . .
  1. Researched whether a business plan is considered to be "property" for purposes of Section 721 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Ate sushi for lunch.
  3. Drafted a letter to a client explaining why a settlement payment is deductible.
  4. Researched whether a charitable organization must take into account the fair market value of facilities provided rent free when determining whether it is a publicly supported charity.
  5. Rode the bus home.
  6. Watched American Idol.

What I did two years ago today . . .

Beautiful Isla Roatan, Honduras

02 January 2008

New Glasses

So I was very brave and picked out new glasses all by myself. What do you think?!

Here's a close up where you can see the red--just like Emma's glasses :o)