22 August 2008

I love RED! (Can you tell?)

After much nagging from AnnaLisa, I finally decided to quit procrastinating and to update my blog. Below are pictures of my lovely new living room furniture.



Close up of throw pillow

Notice the lovely ceiling fan Dad installed.


Matthew said...

I really the furniture. I also like that you finally updated your blog.

Matthew said...

I meant to say that I really like the furniture. It must be too late at night. It is too bad that it is not BYU blue :)

K said...

I love it, love it, love it! Someday I aspire to red couches too.

I'm so excited you updated your blog!! Hooray!

Steve-Rosanna said...

It is AWESOME! We love both the style and the color. Mom and all the girls look good in red.

Glad to see that the fan is still operating.

Love, Mom and Dad

annalisa said...

i'm so excited that you updated your blog! yeah! i still love the couches. i think they look awesome!

Lara said...

Yay for red couches! I love the way it all came together.