06 March 2008

Which Sounds Like More Fun?

What I did today . . .
  1. Researched whether a business plan is considered to be "property" for purposes of Section 721 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Ate sushi for lunch.
  3. Drafted a letter to a client explaining why a settlement payment is deductible.
  4. Researched whether a charitable organization must take into account the fair market value of facilities provided rent free when determining whether it is a publicly supported charity.
  5. Rode the bus home.
  6. Watched American Idol.

What I did two years ago today . . .

Beautiful Isla Roatan, Honduras


K said...

I am so excited you updated your blog! Hooray! Do you wish you could be on vacation now like you were two years ago?

mom said...

I can't believe Kristina saw the updates first since I check your blog everyday. (At least everyday I turn the computer on.) Everything you did sounds interesting, maybe not fun, but definitely interesting. And "inquiring minds" want to know what are the answers?

Steve-Rosanna said...

Wow!! Actually did a double take when I found something new on Aitch's blog!!

The question that begs to be answered?? Where are we going to be one year from today? And the correct answer may be: Machu Pichu or Patagonia or Santiago or Iguacu Falls or....???

March is late summer in SA-so a perfect time to go down-almost fall there in the mountains.

Re: last night = American Idol by far or Lost.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

i would definitely say the second one sounds so much better:) i too am excited that you updated your blog! al

Twinkies said...

Wow sushi really? I didn't think anyone besides pete like fish in your family.

Valerie said...

Personally I think reading a westlaw book. Eating raw fish and riding on a bus and watching american idol sounds reallly exciting. not. valerie

K said...

Andrew wants you to update your blog!