02 January 2008

New Glasses

So I was very brave and picked out new glasses all by myself. What do you think?!

Here's a close up where you can see the red--just like Emma's glasses :o)


Anonymous said...

cuuuute! i like them a lot! al

K said...

Nice glasses Aitch!

Dad-Mom said...

Two big "thumbs-up!!"

Very cute. And classy!

Love, Dad-Mom

Lara said...

very cute. I like them!

Anonymous said...

You look like a lawyer in those glasses.

Julie said...

I like the glasses! I just had to pick some out for me all by myself too. My husband was so kind and said, "I'm sure they'll grow on me. I'm not sure about the side design." O-well, I have to wear them, right! He just has to look at me :) I'm glad you finally posted something new, I've been checking in for a while now. I saw the new house pictures, I like it. And your photography is amazing. Enough of my novel here, hope all is good. Talk to you later.

Twinkies said...

I like the glasses --- nice job. We have been waiting for you to post some photos you took at Lara/Glen's with your fancy camera.

voir dire, stare decisis, replevin, said...

Something has changed
I think you will see
I am still the same
inside of me
I wanted to share that
something new,

Do you like my new glasses?

I do too!

K said...

I'm ready for you to post some new pics H!

K said...

I would love to see pics of your new place with your stuff in it!