13 December 2008

Why I Have Insurance

As most of you know, I have the happy luck of being prone to weird medical problems. Luckily I have good medical insurance so I don't get stuck paying the full amount of bills like this:

and this:

when I end up in the hospital for six days with viral meningitis.

Since I started law school I have also had dental insurance, which is definitely a blessing when I have to have procedures like this done:

Ever since I started working at Dorsey I have also elected to buy vision insurance. There is no good financial reason for this since the only thing it covers is one eye exam a year and a deep discount on glasses (and my health insurance already covers eye exams). But, I still choose every year to have vision insurance because if I have it, I feel obligated to get a new pair of glasses like these in order to make it worth it:

And who doesn't like a good excuse to buy a new pair of glasses every year?!


K said...

Insurance is a good thing!

I love the glasses. I can't wait until you come and help pick out a pair for me.

annalisa said...

i also like your glasses! they're way cute! so my roommate really likes my glasses and she wants to go to costco and get some new glasses too. thanks for helping me pick them out. i wear them quite often.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Love the new glasses. Sure wish that mom and I had health and dental insurance again. Oh well, maybe one of these days!

BTW, cute picture!

Love, Dad-Mom

Lara said...

Cute new glasses...and thank goodness for insurance!

annalisa said...

p.s. i'm also glad that you have insurance!