05 January 2009

Christmas in Cali

Here are a few of my pictures from my Christmas trip to California.

Madeline opening her first Christmas present.

Andrew and Tom in front of the "Painted Ladies" in San Francisco.

Kristina and Madeline posing for the camera.

In front of the "Painted Ladies" with downtown San Francisco in the background.

Nate's bedroom in his new fancy-schmancy apartment in Redwood Shores.

Nate in his dining room.

So this picture requires a bit of explanation. As you most of you know, we all ended up with a stomach bug while I was out there. Nate was kind enough to buy me some 7-Up to try and calm my stomach down. I put a glass next to my bed in case I needed it during the night. This is what I woke up to. Boy, was I glad I didn't take a drink during the night! (Those little black dots are ants in case you're wondering.)


Lara said...

I totally need to take photography lessons from you. These photos are all so beautiful (except for the ants).

Thanks for sharing!

PS Love the new header and blog background!

annalisa said...

i also like the new blog header and background! i love the pictures but the ants are gross. i'm also glad that you didn't drink any in the night.

K said...

I love the new header and background! Thanks for taking such great pictures while you were here! Hope you come back soon!

Karey said...

The exact same thing happened to me last year with a glass of ginger ale when I had a stomach bug. The worst part was that I had sipped some several times in the night. I don't even like to think about it! :)
Beautiful pictures!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Not sure how your new post slipped by without our noticing it until now.

Your "ants in water" pix remind mom and I of our California experience when we lived in Monterey.

As always your pix are classics. Did you get your new little camera for Christmas?

Thanks for posting again.

Love, Dad-Mom