15 January 2009


Taken on my way to work this morning.

A few more layers and I might be ready to go check my mail!


K said...

That is exactly why I live in California! It's been in the seventies and sunny all week!

Mom said...

I remember those days and am glad I am not there now. Sure hope it starts warming up soon from the Arctic blast.

annalisa said...

that is soooo cold! brrrrr is right! i've lived through days that cold too and it is not fun at all.

Lara said...

I sent the kids off to school at 9° this morning and that was bad enough for me!

Steve-Rosanna said...

It's -24 this morning, some schools are closing, and the roads are slick. So, time to go down and make yourself a big cup of hot chocolate, read the news on the internet, and call in sick. Or make it a "work at home day!"

Like everyone else, I have so forgot just how cold that cold really is. Especially Minnesota cold!

Stay warm.

Love, Dad-Mom

Julie said...

Got to love MN, right?!