30 October 2008

Sure Sign of a Crappy Week

You know it's been a crappy week when . . . you walk up to the pharmacy counter at a Super Target (after waiting in line for 10 minutes) and the cashier says: "Oh, you're back again. It's Crain, right?"

Yep. Crappiest week ever.

Here's hoping that the newest prescription kicks in quickly.


Lara said...

Sorry Aitch...hope you feel better!

Steve-Rosanna said...

You poor baby-it's been a full week now and you are still hurting. Theoretically, you should have been good to go first thing past Monday morning.

What a week! A forgettable week!

Hopefully back to normal tomorrow just in time for the weekend. And mom will be flying in Saturday evening. Wish she could've been there this week!

We love you Aitcher.


K said...

Poor Heather! I am so sorry! I hope you start feeling better soon!!!

annalisa said...

h, i also hope you start feeling better soon! that stinks.

K said...

I really didn't think your week could get much worse, but alas I was wrong. POOR, POOR Heather! We are all praying for your speedy recovery!