09 September 2007

Even more green

Notice the new tree! The landscaping (other than the sod) is pretty much finished. We're still missing the shutters on the exterior.

They've started the deck.

The upstairs hallway. The trim on the second floor is almost done.

The master bedroom.

The master bath.

The kitchen. The countertops are supposed to go in this week. I'm crossing my fingers that they look good with the cabinets and tile :o)

And just for Adam . . . the neighborhood pool and playground!


annalisa said...

i know i keep on saying this but it is just lovely and i cannot wait to see it when it's finished!

Mom-Dad said...

Wow, it is almost finished. Like AL, I can hardly wait to see it when it is finished.

Love the tree!!!

You have a lot of work ahead of you-especially to get all curtains and everything ready.

Love, Dad

Lara said...

Adam has to look at the photos of the pool and playground several times each day. He keeps asking me if I know a shortcut to your house, or else he might get really tired going there.
Good question--do you know a shortcut?