28 October 2007

By request of Kristina . . .

. . . here are a few pictures of my house. The loft, master bedroom, and master bathroom are still disaster areas so you'll have to wait for those pictures.

The kitchen with all the appliances.

My beautiful new stove.

A close-up of the stove with its cool griddle.

The dining room. I bought blinds for all the rooms, but haven't installed them yet. They are two-inch faux wood.

The guest bathroom. Notice the beautiful curved shower rod Dad installed. What do you think of the picture? It's not my normal style, but I think it goes well with the shower curtain.

A close-up of the new artwork.

A close-up of my new duvet cover. Once I get it washed and ironed, I'll take a picture of it on my bed.


Lara said...

WOW!!!! Everything is gorgeous! I'm totally salivating over your kitchen...I want an oven like that!!!

And that picture in the bathroom does match the shower curtain perfectly.

Seriously, it all looks wonderful!

K said...

Everything looks fantastic! You are pretty well put together for the amount of time you have lived there!

Andrew was very excited to see the pics of "Heder's house"!

Matthew K said...

Wow, everything looks so good. You live in an amazing house.

Dad-Mom said...


But you already know that...

al said...

heather, i love it! it is so beautiful!