29 July 2010


Here are a few videos (and pictures) from my trip to China . . .

This one is of me and mom floating down the Yulong river in Yangshuo, China on a bamboo raft.

They had stations set up in the middle of the river to take pictures of the tourists which they printed and laminated for you right there. I couldn't resist buying this one . . . Mom's expression is priceless! She insists she wasn't worried at all :o)

Don't you feel bad for the poor guy who had to push us down the river?! Talk about hard work.

This one is a video of an amazing performance we saw in Yangshuo. It was directed by the same person who did the opening ceremonies for the Beijing olympics. The performance was all on a lake surrounded on three sides by the stunning karst mountains.

This is a picture of what it looked like when they lit up the mountains during the show.

Where do you think I should go on my next big trip?

P.S. You can see more pictures of the trip here.


Mom said...

Love the blog post. It reminds me of how much fun we had in China. It already seems so long ago.

The next trip should be South America or New Zealand and Australia.

Steve said...

Finally a blog on China!! You did a beautiful job-especially loved the videos.

Maybe you should post some of them on Facebook as well.

My thoughts on your next trip are:

1. Morocco (with Dad-Mom)
2. Thailand
3. Peru-Chile-Argentina
4. Vancouver-Victoria Canada
5. Tahiti (for beaches)

Maybe that is just Freudian-my dream list!

Thanks for your new blog.

annalisa said...

I love that picture of Mom on the raft! It truly is priceless :)

It is so beautiful there! It makes me want to visit!

I definitely think you should come to Taiwan and we can make our way to Australia and New Zealand :)

But I would say your next trip should be to South America, like Peru or Argentina.

P.S. Dad, you've already been to one of your dream places!

K said...

I love all the new pics and videos. So, did you get wet on the "boat" you were riding on?

I think we should go to Australia or New Zealand soon. That would be so fun!

Lara said...

So I almost forgot you had a blog....

Anyway I love the pics, especially the one of the mountains all lit up.

I vote for a cruise to Antarctica for your next trip. I heard they're actually pretty cool (in both senses of the word).