04 July 2011


I went camping this weekend in beautiful Superior National Forest right outside of Boundary Waters. The sky was crystal clear for two of the three nights I was there and the stars were incredible. I broke out my camera, stayed up way too late, and practiced my night photography skills. I am definitely still a beginner at this, but I managed to get a few cool shots!

I was trying to do an hour-long exposure for this one, buy my camera battery died
forty minutes into it. Luckily it didn't ruin the picture. It is very difficult to
compose a shot in the dark, but I really like how this one turned out.

This one was a twenty-minute exposure from earlier in the evening.

I wish I could see stars like this in Eden Prairie!

This isn't a great shot, but I liked that you could see the trail of a plane that
flew overhead during the shot. It also shows how incredibly thick the stars are when
you have clear skies and no light pollution.


Dad-Mom said...

Well worth the wait and the late hours in the boundary waters. These are AWESOME! Although I love the first one, the deep royal blue sky of the second one is my favorite.

Been looking forward to seeing these. Thanks for sharing.

Mom said...

The trail of the plane across the sky was pretty spectacular as well. At first glance, we thought that it was a shooting star or a satellite, but probably just a 767 heading to San Francisco from Paris or Frankfurt. You are really getting pretty good with these star pictures.

mom said...

Amazing star shots. I really miss seeing the stars and the milky way on clear nights.

annalisa said...

Heather, the pictures are awesome! The sky is so clear and the stars are numberless!

I like the color of the sky in the second and third pictures.

I want to go there. Can I come to visit and go camping with you?!

Lara said...

I love it! When we were up at Youth Conference I was totally in awe of the brightness and numbers of stars as well. We see only a tiny fraction of them living close to a city. These photos are incredible! I assume you used a tripod. If you end up moving this way, I'm hoping you can share some of your photography skills with me.

K said...

The third picture has such amazing colors in it. I love all the beautiful pics you took!