21 August 2011

Minneapolis Skyline

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Yesterday was a gorgeous summer day and I decided that I wanted to get out and shoot some photos. Since I have been on a night photography kick, I ended up shooting the Minneapolis skyline at dusk. After a little research, I discovered that there is a pedestrian bridge over I-35W that has great views of downtown and that's where I headed. Only after arriving at my destination did I start to get a little worried about the location . . . I decided to press on however when I noticed that there were other photographers up on the bridge. Despite the fact that I had to shoot through a chain link fence (that had some conveniently placed holes for setting up a camera) I ended up getting some pretty decent shots.

By the time it was dark I was ready to leave, I realized that I was the only person still up there and that there was a large group of young men sitting at the bottom of the stairs I needed to go down to get back to my car. This made me a little nervous since I was carrying expensive camera equipment, but I didn't really have a choice, so I started heading down. At that exact moment, the doors to the building directly across the street opened up and dozens of people started streaming out (apparently it was a theater and the play had just ended). I'm sure I was just being a nervous nellie, but it definitely made me feel better to have a lot of other people around as I headed back to my car. Next time, I will try the other side of the bridge since that is where all of the other photographers came from.

What do you think of the photos? I thought it was pretty fun to be able to get the streaking headlights and tail lights from the cars on I-35W.


annalisa said...

Can I just tell you that these pictures are amazing?! I love the colors, the lights of the cars, the clouds, just everything!
I can see why people go there to take pictures of the skyline :)
Awesome pictures!

K said...

You are an awesome photographer H! I love all the beautiful shots of the Mpls skyline. I'm also glad you were safe. We always felt safe in NYC as long as there were lots of other people around, if the streets were empty that's when we got nervous.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Aitch, those are sweet and amazing pics. Perhaps even better than your star pics. Love the colors and the trail of car lights both coming and going. Some very iconic images of our beloved Twin Cities.

Even more I love the story of how you were protected as you came back down well after dark into a group of young (potential) rascals.

Sweet pix and story.

Love, Dad and Mom

Lara said...

If you are ever looking for a second career, I think you've got a future in photography (and hairstyling). These pictures are stunning and look like they belong in a Minneapolis guide book.